Trident Underwater Drone


Trident Underwater Drone
Trident Underwater Drone Trident Underwater Drone Trident Underwater Drone Trident Underwater Drone Trident Underwater Drone Trident Underwater Drone Trident Underwater Drone Trident Underwater Drone
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  • The next generation underwater drone.

    Optimized Camera System

    Trident Underwater Drone has a camera system specifically optimized for the underwater environment. Trident's advanced color correction algorithms allow you to see the underwater world with all its colors.

    Trident compared to go pro footage for underwater color correction

    Take Control, the OpenROV Cockpit App

    Use your phone or tablet to control the drone and stream live video.

    You can stream full HD video straight to your device from deep underwater. Excellent color rendition, great low-light performance, and industry-leading latency make Trident the vehicle of choice for capturing quality video.

    use android phone to control underwater drone

    Custom Sensors and Payloads

    Trident is just the beginning. It can be extended to include custom sensors or modules as add-ons depending on your specific use. Add-ons are attached to our published and standard bolt pattern and interface with the main vehicle via WiFi.

    payload capacity for Trident underwater drone

    Stable, Smooth Flight

    Trident is neutrally buoyant and adjustable for both fresh and saltwater. Advanced autopilot features enable you to hold level flight, make delicate inspections, and complete smooth transects. Trident has airplane-inspired flight controls that lets you explore underwater like never before.

    trident underwater drone flying through the water with flight controls autopilot ai control


    External dimensions:
    410mm x 205mm x 86mm
    (16.1in x 8.1in x 3.4in)
    3.4kg (7.5lbs) ballasted for freshwater
    3.5kg (7.7lbs) ballasted for seawater


    Depth Rating:
    100m (328ft)
    Maximum Speed:
    2m/s (3.9kts)


    Charge Time:
    1.5hr 20% to 80%, 3hr 0% to 100%
    Run Time:
    3-4 hours, normal operation
    (active piloting, lights on)
    Charger Requirement:
    120VAC to 240VAC
    (charger included)


    1080p @ 30fps recorded
    720p @ 30fps live
    Very low ( < 120ms)
    Excellent color rendition
    High dynamic range
    Optimized for low-light underwater
    Wide angle field-of-view
    Scratch-proof sapphire window


    360lmns @ 4000K


    9-axis IMU with compass/tilt displayed
    1cm-resolution depth sensor
    Temperature calibration and display
  • OpenROV Cockpit App

    The OpenROV Cockpit App uses the latest Android standards to offer a next-generation piloting experience. An intuitive head-up display and customization options help you feel at home even when 100m deep. Trident also has advanced autopilot features you can turn on for more stabilized flight.

    great white shark underwater drone app in android

    google play app for android openrov underwater drone openrov cockpit app

    System Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements:
    - RAM: At least 2GB
    - CPU: At least a Quad-core 1.3Ghz
    - Android 5.1 and higher, though 6.1+ or 7.0+ are ideal
    - Supports 802.11n WiFi protocol.

    Nice-to-have features:
    - At least 7" screen, 720p resolution
    - Good screen/backlight brightness
    - Dual band WiFi (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz)
    - WiFi MIMO support.
    - Has built-in GPS
    - Long battery life


  • Shipping Information

    Trident ships internationally but you will be responsible for any duties and taxes if you live outside the US.

    If you have any specific questions about international shipping please don't hesitate to reach out.


    More shipping information available on the Trident FAQ.


    Warranty Information

    We build great products and stand behind them. Trident is backed by a rock-solid warranty.

    Our support team is on standby to answer any questions you might have and should something go wrong be there to get you back in the water as fast as possible.


    What's in the Box?

    Your Trident will come with everything you need to use Trident with your own Android device:

    -Cardboard carrying case
    -25m neutrally buoyant tether
    -25m tether spool
    -Topside WiFi module
    -120V-240V wall charger
    -Trim weights for use in saltwater
    -Tail strap for tether management
    -Trident quick-start guide