OpenROV v2.7 Kit (Discontinued)

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Gain access to an uncharted under-sea world and the amazing, supportive community of people who are curious about it! The OpenROV DIY kit provides you with your own underwater ROV, capable of diving to 75m. The kit is fun to build and you don't need to be an expert, but you will need to solder, glue, and use basic hand tools. It's a great project to learn how to hack off-the-shelf electronics, solder wired components, and build things for a marine environment. You're also not alone! You can get help from the community, give and receive feedback on the instructions, and you are backed up by our wonderful technical support team. You'll come away with some new skills and the ability to explore the world around you from a whole new perspective!

The OpenROV v2.7 is the best ROV we've ever built. It streams HD video back to a laptop over an ultra-thin two-wire tether. It maneuvers using the same thruster configuration as previous models, however new hydrodynamic adjustments, new motors, and new motor speed controllers have resulted in greatly improved handling and control. A new LED board provides even more illumination in the depths, and the lasers provide both scaling and distance measurement capability.



  • Live HD video with wide-angle lens and tilt function
  • LED lighting for low-light environments
  • Easy-to-use web browser user interface
  • Beaglebone Black AND Arduino MEGA microprocessors for a flexible and powerful developer platform with dozens of input/output channels and plenty of computing power for user-designed features and experiments
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries (sold separately)
  • 100-meter lightweight 2-wire tether
  • Compact and lightweight--backpack or carry-on ready
  • Payload area for additional hardware or equipment
  • Join our open source, ocean-loving community--find all the software and hardware files online as well as a vibrant and enthusiastic community to share adventures, ask questions, and meet other people with passion for exploration

Physical specifications:

Weight 2.6kg

Dimensions 30cm long x 20cm wide x 15cm high

Nominal battery life 2-3 hours (depending on use)


Performance specifications:

Maximum depth 75m (we’ve taken them past 100m, but max depth depends on build quality)

Maximum tether length 300m (100m tether provided)

Maximum forward speed 2 knots

LED brightness 180lm

Temperature capability -10C - 50C

Internal Instrumentation:

HD Webcam (120 deg FOV)

Camera tilt platform (tilts +/- 60 deg from center)

Scaling lasers (parallel, 10 cm separation)

External Instrumentation:

External I2C bus with 3.3V power for external instrumentation

6 additional auxiliary wires for user-defined external instrumentation or devices

Depth IMU Sensor (sold separately)

Attaches easily to the external I2C bus

Depth Sensor (up to 300m /0.02m accuracy)

Water temperature sensor (with latency, 0.1 deg C accuracy)

3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3 axis gyroscope for Roll, Pitch, and Heading measurement


All laser-cut acrylic parts needed to assemble OpenROV

Laser-cut polypropylene shell with unique serial number

Clear-cast acrylic Electronics Tube

Extruded PET-G battery tubes (2)

Battery terminals (4)

O-rings for endcaps, battery tubes, and electronics tube

Stainless steel and nylon metric fasteners needed for assembly

Stainless steel M5 payload rods (2)

1mL syringes for venting (2)

100 meter twisted-pair tether

Pre-fabricated wiring harness with DB-25 connector

RJ45 male/male connector

Brushless DC motors (3)

Graupner high-efficiency marine propellers (3)

Battery tube mounting straps (2)

Small zip-ties for camera mounting

3M adhesive-lined heatshrink for marine environment (3)

Cable wrap and heatshrink for cable management

OpenROV vinyl decals (3)


OpenROV controller with ATMEGA2560 (Arduino Mega) and Afro ESCs (3) on-board

OpenROV interface board to connect your computer

BeagleBone Black

Genius HD webcam

LED light array board

Laser emitters for distance and size calculation (2)

Tenda Homeplug adapter for ethernet-over-2wire

HiTec micro servo

*NOTE: The Depth/IMU Sensor is sold separately.

Necessary Items and Tools NOT Included in Kit

Batteries and chargers (sold separately through this website)

Flush cutters


Acrylic cement with applicator


Electrical tape

Soldering iron/solder/helping hands


Super glue

Metric measuring tape or ruler

Disposable rubber gloves

Safety glasses

Small screwdriver set

Needlenose pliers

Standard pliers

Wire strippers


Utility knife

2-Ton epoxy

Silicon spray lubricant and/or o-ring lubricant

Vacuum pump

Digital multimeter


Minimum system requirements

Laptop with latest Chrome or Firefox build and available RJ-45 network connector and USB port

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