OpenROV IMU/Compass/Depth Module


Add on Module for OpenROV depth and heading hold
Add on Module for OpenROV depth and heading hold ROV Telemetry Module With Compass Depth Sensor Temperature and Inertial Measurement Unit Electronics module upgrade for OpenROV


This is an open-source, low-cost sensor module that enables highly accurate depth, compass heading, roll, and pitch to be overlaid on the camera stream in the OpenROV cockpit. Having this additional telemetry will greatly help with navigation, gathering relevant scientific data, and allows for closed-loop control commands that will make the OpenROV much easier to fly such as compass heading hold and depth hold. This module is added to the I2C auxiliary wires and can be integrated either during the build process or after the build is completed. 

This product requires some assembly, including: Acrylic solvent cement, soldering and epoxy. Please see assembly instructions for more information about the assembly of this product. 

Technical Specifications

Sensor specifications:

Other specifications:

  • Depth capability with a maximum operational pressure of 30 bar (435 psi, 200 meter water depth.)
  • Auto-calibrating compass functionality that trues to magnetic north
  • Optimized IMU output for smoother display of roll and pitch
  • Provides depth, navigational heading, water temperature and accelerometer/gyrometer telemetry available to the ROV via I2C which is displayed in the OpenROV cockpit
  • Can be built with the same tools and methods as used with the OpenROV kit
  • Ready to use on OpenROV versions v2.5, v2.6, v2.7, and v2.8


Included Parts:

  • Acrylic housing
  • PCB with 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), magnetometer, and pressure sensor
  • Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing (1)
  • Hookup wires

Required Tool List (Not Included): 

  • Soldering iron, heat gun, wire strippers, flush cutter
  • Needle nose pliers, utility knife, disposable nitrile gloves
  • Acrylic cement, applicator for acrylic cement and 2-Ton Epoxy


    The following links are resources that are relevant to this product.

    Dozuki: IMU / Depth Sensor Installation Guide

    For any non-standard use of the IMU/Compass/Depth Module, the OpenROV Forum is the best resource for information.

    Have questions for us? Please reach out to our support team.