OpenROV 2.X Custom Travel Case


Custom travel case for OpenROV
Custom travel case for OpenROV Remotely Operated Vehicle protected by the travel case while on an expedition


This case is for for OpenROV 2.X.

For Trident, use this case.

This custom ROV carrying case is carry-on luggage size but is strong enough to be shipped or checked on flights. It has been designed to hold a single assembled ROV, tether, batteries and plenty of room for tools and accessories. This design has been tested repeatedly in the field by OpenROV community and team members with exceptional results. Fear no baggage handlers, falls from the roof while en route to a dive, or accidental spills into an angry sea. The custom designed inserts will protect your ROV and accessories and will be well worth the investment for users who expect rough treatment or commercial flights.

  • Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
  • Foam cavities are water resistant and durable
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
  • O-ring seal
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded handle
  • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

Technical Specifications

Exterior Dimensions: L 503mm x W 406mm x H 193mm (Check-in luggage size)

Interior Dimensions: L 457mm x W 330mm x H 175mm

Weight With Foam: 7.1 lbs | 3.2 kg

Temperature Range:

(Min) -20°F (-29°C)

(Max) 140°F (60°C)


65 lbs | 29.5 kg [floats with your ROV and accessories inside]