100 Meter ROV Tether


100M Tether for underwater drone


100 meters of tether for users who want to give their underwater drone a longer distance capability or have a backup tether.

To be used in conjunction with our OpenROV Topside Adapter, and Tenda Homeplug to communicate with your ROV.


  • 100m length of twisted pair
  • 1.5 twists per inch
  • 26 AWG wire
  • High-visibility yellow/blue PVC jacketing
  • Can be attached to existing tether(s) to increase length


  • The Homeplug communication protocol has been tested successfully to 300m but distances over 100m may cause intermittent communication dropouts or other failures not yet discovered.
  • Having a 100m tether is hardware insurance that your OpenROV does not go too deep. Depths at or near 100m may cause critical failure of the main electronics tube or battery tubes. If using extended tethers, keep an eye on depth using the IMU/Depth Sensor or other means.
  • This tether sinks, so be careful not to get caught on rocks, debris and especially not coral when using extra tether. To mitigate this problem consider using Neutrally Buoyant Tether.