Endcap Replacement Kit v2.8


This replacement kit contains the raw materials necessary to replace your main tube endcaps for your v2.8 OpenROV. In order to replace your main electronics tube endcaps, you will need to: Build your new endcaps, reroute the wires and terminate all the connections. Please see build instructions for endcaps and instructions for wire routing

Included in this kit

  • All laser-cut acrylic main tube endcap parts
  • #340 O-Rings (4) 
  • 1mL syringes for venting
  • Wiring harness with DB-25 connector and 1.2m color-coded wires
  • 3M adhesive-lined heat shrink for marine environment (3)
  • Cable wrap for cable management

 Required Tools (Not Included in kit)

  • Heat gun
  • Digital multimeter (recommended)
  • Electrical tape
  • Soldering iron/solder/helping hands
  • Tape measure with metric markings
  • Silicone grease or petroleum jelly for lubricating o-rings
  • Hacksaw
  • Wire strippers/clippers
  • Acrylic cement and applicator syringe
  • 2-ton epoxy with mixing tube applicator

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