MicroSD Card w/ OpenROV Software Image

This 4GB MicroSD card has the latest stable OpenROV flash software image pre-loaded. All OpenROV products have the latest software image pre-installed but it can be useful to have a backup image if you are doing any software experimentation or heading somewhere remote with your ROV.

A MicroSD to SD card adapter is included.

If you have your own MicroSD card, you can download the software and load the software image yourself. See the documentation section for more info.

    Click here to download the latest 30.0.3 flash image*

    Click here to download the latest 30.0.3 SD image**

    Dozuki: Instructions for Software Update

    Github: All OpenROV open-source files

    *The flash version of the software automatically installs itself onto your BeagleBone's onboard flash memory during power up. The SD card is then removed and the latest image is stored an run from the onboard flash memory.

    **The non-flash image is stored and run from the SD card. When the SD card is ejected whatever version of the software that is on the BeagleBone's onboard flash memory will run.

    Both flash and non-flash versions require you to manually update the controller board's firmware through the cockpit. It's easy and covered in the Dozuki: Instructions for Software Update.


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