Holiday Sale Announcements!

Happy Valentine's Day! -- Give Your OpenROV Some Love!

It's cold out there and many of us are staying indoors and dreaming of the warmer months ahead. It's the perfect time to give your OpenROV a little T.L.C. with these holiday discounts (expires Feb. 21):


10% off Battery Tube Retrofit
Upgrade the battery tubes from all previous versions of OpenROV to the current 2.8 configuration with our 2.X to 2.8 Battery Tube Upgrade Kit. You will be changing batteries quickly and easily with cold or gloved fingers.
Upgrade with Compass, Depth, and Tilt Sensor Module--only $108!
10% off the OpenROV IMU/Compass/Depth Module. Quickly and easily add highly accurate depth, compass heading, roll, and pitch to the OpenROV cockpit.
Light up the Depths with our Experimental Light Cubes
Our experimental External Light Cubes are amazingly bright, around 700 lumens each. They are perfect for deep dives, night expeditions, and low-light environments. Best of all, you can get 2 for $29 off.


Please send an email to if you would like to request special accommodations or have any questions about ordering.