Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How long will it take to build my OpenROV?

A: Approximately 2-3 days. Here is a link to our instructions. It could take much longer depending on how meticulous you want to be. It is not recommended to try to get an ROV put together the day before an important project, as you will want to troubleshoot and get to know the ROV before deploying it to ensure your mission unfolds successfully.


Q: I am inexperienced with things such as soldering and programming. Will I be able to assemble my ROV?

A: Yes, the OpenROV is designed to be the perfect learning tool for soldering, electronics, programming, software / hardware interfacing, acrylic modeling, and all the things that come along with making tools to explore underwater. 


Q: What kind of guarantees do you have behind your product?

A: We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Here is a link to our Refund Policy.


Q: What about software updates?

A: We regularly update the software to provide you the latest and greatest experience. These updates can be found on our product information page on our website here


Q: What kind of laptop/web browser do I need to run the OpenROV?

A: An active internet connection is not required to operate the ROV, however the computer you use needs to have an Ethernet port and Google Chrome installed. A lot of newer laptops do not have Ethernet ports integrated, but will allow you to use an Ethernet connection via a USB to Ethernet adapter, which are available at many electronics stores.


Q: What age groups can build the OpenROV?

A: Middle school students and older. Many teachers use OpenROV as an educational tool for their middle school, high school and higher education students. OpenROV is made to be accessible for all persons with an interest in learning and exploring!


Q: I am ordering from outside the United States, what can I expect in terms of international orders?

A: OpenROV ships globally from our webstore. We usually don't have any problems but it is advised to check with your own country’s customs before placing an order if you have any concerns with your order getting through.

Duties and Taxes:

All duties and taxes for international shipments are the responsibility of the customer. OpenROV is not responsible for any extra charges once the original package has been shipped. We can’t tell you exactly what the charges will be, but here’s a duty calculator to help with estimation.

If the customer refuses to pay these extra charges, the return shipping and any additional fees will be taken out of the cost of the order with any remaining funds being refunded to the customer. In the event that the extra charges exceed the value of the order, we may charge those amounts to the credit card originally used for the order.


Q: What payment options do you accept?

A: Via our webstore, you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal to pay for your orders. While credit card purchases are our preferred method, we sometimes accept bank transfers. If you have any questions or need help placing an order please contact support.


Q: If I order my kit today, how long should I expect to wait for it to arrive?

A:  Once your order is placed, it takes 1-3 business days for us to ship. Domestic (US) shipping time is an average of 3-7 days, and International ship time is an average of 7-12 days. We do our best to communicate to our customers if there are any delays in shipping.

Q: What other things do I need to acquire to build the ROV?

A: Batteries and Chargers are not included in the Kit. You can purchase those items on our webstore. There is a tool list in our build instructions with links to everything you will need in addition to the kit.


Q: My batteries arrived, but not my ROV (Or Vice-versa). Where is the rest of my order?

A: Our batteries ship from a separate location from our warehouse that we ship your kit from, as Lithium-containing batteries are considered hazardous materials and require a special handling license to ship.


Q: Can I add external components to the ROV?

A: There are 10 auxiliary wires on the standard wiring harness for the latest version of the 2 Series ROV, included in the design with hopes that our creative community will find a use for them. Some examples of what they have already been used for are: Gripper arms, external lighting, plankton tow, niskin bottle and waterproof servos for manipulating your own custom underwater component.

Q: How can I contribute to the community?

A: The OpenROV community is everything to us. Please join our forum and share the experiences you are having and see the cool stuff everyone else is up to. You can also participate on, where you can share your adventures with other ambitious and excited people around the world!

Q: Do you offer educational discounts?

A: Our goal has always been to make ocean exploration as affordable as possible and everything is already priced for education!

Q: Do you have any resources to help me run a workshop?

A: Yes, we do. We here at OpenROV have run many workshop and are willing to help others out, and share our literature with anybody who wants guidance. Feel free to write us if you have inquiries regarding running a workshop!


If your question wasn't answered here, you can contact our support team and we'll get back to you ASAP.