Waterproof Heat Shrink


Waterproof solder connection


The 3M clear adhesive-lined polyoefin heat shrink is flexible and allows for easy waterproofing of solder joints that are exposed to the water. This product starts out with an inner diameter of 0.125 in and after heat is applied it reduces in size to 0.04 in, perfect for the 20 gauge wire used on OpenROV. This item contains enough heat shrink to construct one OpenROV v2.8 kit. 


  • (5) 6 inch lengths (15 cm)


  • Material: polyolefin
  • Shrink ratio: 3:1
  • Inner diameter before shrinking: 0.125 in
  • Inner diameter after shrinking: 0.04 in
  • Adhesive-lined
  • Wall thickness after shrinking: 0.04 in
  • Dielectric strength: 700 V/mil
  • Color: clear
  • Shrink temperature: +250 °F
  • Maximum operating temperature: +230 °F
  • Standards met: CSA LR38227; UL E157227

    Installation Instructions

    Directions on how to seal an electrical connection with this heat shrink.