OpenROV Controller Board v2.8


Controller board for OpenROV 2.8 underwater drone
Controller board for OpenROV 2.8 underwater drone OpenROV version 2.8 controller board


The v2.8 OpenROV Controller Board functions as the electronic interface between your control device and your OpenROV. The Controller Board directly handles the low-level commands to devices such as the sensors, motors, servos, and lights. The v2.8 Controller Board is pre-loaded with the latest OpenROV firmware and Arduino boot loader.

Please note that this is included in the OpenROV v2.8 Kit,  If you buy the kit from our website, you don't need to buy another one here.  If you have a v2.7 or earlier OpenROV, you will need to use the backward compatible v2.8 controller board, as the orientation of the DB-25 connecter on this product won't fit older models of OpenROV.

This is also a great development tool for use other projects that use servos, DC motors or I2C sensors and we recommend you check out our v2.8 Dev Kit


  • Embedded Arduino Mega with plenty of available IO for external devices and add-ons
  • Pre-programmed OpenROV firmware and Arduino Bootloader
  • Embedded power switch - allows OpenROV to be turned on and off remotely (through tether)
  • (x3) Pre-programmed and pre-calibrated Afro 12-Amp ESCs
  • Simple mounting of Homeplug Adapter and BeagleBone Black (no additional wiring).
  • Male DB-25 Connector for interfacing with ROV wiring harness.
  • 4 Power PWM channels for driving lights, scaling lasers, and other power devices. 
  • 6 Servo output channels for driving ESCs and servos. 
  • Embedded measurement of voltages, currents, temperature, and (optionally) humidity.
  • Built-in 5v and 3v3 I2C buses.


Board Schematics

OpenROV Github: Open-Source Files (software and hardware)

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