Motor Set


3 motor set for propulsion of underwater drone
3 motor set for propulsion of underwater drone OpenROV Underwater Brushless Motors dst700


A set of three motors used for OpenROV versions v2.7 and v2.8. The motors allow you to maneuver your ROV in conjunction with well-matched Propellers. These motors represent a viable underwater option as they are brushless (meaning there is no contact between the stator and the magnets). Originally intended as model airplane motors, there have been a few custom modifications to the wire insulation to allow them to work well underwater and they require some maintenance, as they are not corrosion-proof, especially in sea water. To prevent corrosion, coat them with silicone lubrication before any submersion. Rinse your motors in fresh water immediately after each dive, and keep their bearing lubricated with silicone spray lubricant. More information on how to maintain these motors can be found in the OpenROV Operator's Manual.


  • DST-700 brushless DC motor (3)
  • Tinned leads for easy soldering
  • Low KV, low cost, optimal for DIY underwater ROVs