Battery Tube Replacement Kit v2.8


Acrylic battery tube kit for 2.8 OpenROV


The battery tubes being one of the biggest changes from the v2.7 to the v2.8 ROV, this battery tube design makes mounting the tubes, sealing and re-opening the end caps easier than ever before. This battery tube replacement kit can be used to replace damaged battery tubes, or used on other underwater projects as an power source rated to a maximum depth of 100 meters.
If you have an ROV older than the v2.8, then this will not work for you: You will need the 2.x to 2.8 upgrade kit, which is this same set of items, with the addition of polypropylene adapter plates with mounting holes.
These battery tubes are designed to work with our 26650 LiFePO4 batteries and 26650 High Capacity Li-NiMnCo batteries.

Included Hardware

  • Laser Cut Acrylic Parts
  • Battery Tubes (2)
  • Spring Terminals (2)
  • Button Terminals (2)
  • Fuse (2)
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • 314 Orings (4)
Required Tools (Not included) 
  • Digital multimeter (recommended)
  • Super glue
  • Soldering iron/solder/helping hands
  • Heat nun
  • Silicone grease or petroleum jelly for lubricating o-rings
  • Wire strippers/clippers
  • Acrylic cement and applicator syringe
  • 2-ton epoxy with mixing tube applicator


Dozuki: 2.8 Battery Tube Kit Installation Instructions