External Light Cube

This product is a pre-built underwater LED light module that either supplements the internal lights on your OpenROV, or serves as primary external lighting on any ROV. They are very bright (each of these cubes produce 700 lumens of light, 3 times the amount of the internal lights). External lighting significantly increases the quality of video the ROV produces. They help eliminate the glare from internal lights, are more directionally focused, and can be mounted anywhere on your vehicle. The OpenROV v2.8 is pre-wired to accept the lights. Prior versions (v2.5, v2.6, and v2.7) can be modified to work with them [see documentation] and they can also be easily incorporated into any underwater project with a wide input voltage range and small size.

  • Built-in regulator circuit maintains constant light output across input voltage range
  • Built-in thermal regulator circuit allows safe operation (with reduced power) when operating in air
  • Able to handle extreme pressures since there are no air cavities
  • Physical dimensions: 17mm x 17mm x 17mm
  • Weight in air: 20 grams (including wire)
  • Weight in fresh water: 11 grams (including wire)
  • Wire length: 70 cm
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminum
  • Depth rating: Tested to 200 meters
  • On/Off: Independent of internal lights, precise control over brightness
  • Color Temperature: 4000K
  • Output: 700 Lumens
  • Power consumption: 6.5 Watts
  • Input voltage: 7-17V; suitable for 2-4S LiPo or 3-4S LiFePO4 battery systems
  • Maximum surface temperature during operation in air: 60 °C
Supported OpenROV Products
  • v2.5 or v2.6: 1 external light per PWM channel (with simple modification to controller board)
  • v2.7: 2 external lights in parallel per PWM channel (with simple modification to controller board)
  • v2.8: 2 external lights in parallel per PWM channel (no modification necessary)
Mounting Location Examples
Check out our community members' mounting locations on our Forum.


  • Pre-built functional light cube with 70 cm of wire
  • Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing

The following links are resources that are relevant to this product.

Dozuki: External Lights Installation Guide


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