• OpenROV v2.6 Kit

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OpenROV v2.6 Kit


A DIY underwater remotely operated vehicle. 
The 2.6 kit comes with all the hardware, electronics, and fasteners you need to assemble your own observation class underwater ROV.



  • Live HD video with wide-angle lens and tilt function
  • LED lighting for low-light environments
  • Easy-to-use web browser user interface
  • Beaglebone Black AND Arduino MEGA microprocessors for a flexible and powerful developer platform with dozens of input/output channels and plenty of computing power for user-designed features and experiments
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries (sold separately)
  • 100-meter lightweight 2-wire tether
  • Compact and lightweight--backpack or carry-on ready
  • Payload area for additional hardware or equipment
  • Join our open source ocean-loving community--find all the software and hardware files online as well as a vibrant and enthusiastic community to share adventures, ask questions, and meet other people with passion for exploration


All laser-cut acrylic parts needed to assemble OpenROV
Laser-cut polypropylene shell with unique serial number
Clear cast acrylic Electronics Tube
Extruded acrylic battery tubes (2)
Extruded acrylic propeller ducts (3)
Battery terminals (4)
O-rings for endcaps, battery tubes, and electronics tube
Stainless steel and nylon metric fasteners needed for assembly
Stainless steel M5 payload rods (2)
1mL syringes for venting (2)
100 meter twisted pair tether
15 meter 20ga. hook-up wire
DB-25 connector
RJ45 male/male connector
Brushless DC motors (3)
Graupner high-efficiency marine propellers (3)
Reusable zip-ties for battery tube mounting
Small zip-ties for camera mounting
3M adhesive-lined heatshrink for marine environment (3)
Cable wrap and heatshrink for cable management
OpenROV vinyl decals (2)


OpenROV controller with ATMEGA2560 (Arduino Mega) on-board
OpenROV interface board to connect your computer
BeagleBone Black
Genius HD Webcam
FalconSEKIDO brushless motor ESCs (3)
LED light array (2)
Laser emitters for distance and size calculation (2)
Voltage regulator
Tenda Homeplug adapter for ethernet-over-2wire
HiTec micro servo
*NOTE: The Depth/IMU Sensor is sold separately. 

Necessary Items and Tools NOT Included in Kit

6 rechargeable lithium batteries / charger
Acrylic cement and applicator syringe
2-ton epoxy with mixing tube applicator
Heat gun
Digital Multimeter
Safety glasses
Painters tape or masking tape
Electrical tape
Soldering iron/solder/helping hands
Hobby knife
Tape measure with metric and standard markings
Silicone grease or petroleum jelly for lubricating o-rings
Silicone spray for brushless motor protection and cleaning
Hot glue gun
Adjustable wrench or pliers
Wire strippers/clippers
Small phillips and slotted screwdrivers

Minimum system requirements

Laptop with latest Chrome or Firefox build


IMPORTANT NOTE: The OpenROV Kit is a perfect introduction into the world of underwater robotics and exploration, but it's still a product for makers/developers. It's a blast to play with, but you should be ready to tinker with it. The kit involves soldering, gluing, and wiring of electronics.

LEAD TIME: 7-10 Days


  • Improved endcaps with larger o-rings for better sealing
  • Simpler, stronger and lighter acrylic internal structure
  • New control board and upgraded Ethernet-Over-Two-Wire communications